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Zurich to Japan



On the 5th day of my stay in Zermatt, I headed to the mountains again. Other than (some cloud in the distance), it was a perfectly beautiufl day.

I intended to walk from Blauherd to Riffelalp, this time it was which is completely the opposite of what I did the previous time. It looked like today would be another tough day.

At the top of Blauherd, I got a bizarre photo, which was a picture of myself taking a picture! When I saw it for the first time, I was really confused about how this picture was taken!
Looking back, I remembered that had my photo taken by somebody and he probably didn't know how to use iPod camera. He took the picture just as I happened to reach for my glasses. It looks like I'm holding a camera, but I'm holding my glasses!

I stopped by Stellisee.
The reflection was blurry today with the breeze, unlike yesterday. I wondered if the weather would change for the worse from tonight....

While looking down on the Grindjisee, I walked down a zigzag path to the valley. When walking down from the top of Blauherd, you can't miss the Grindjisee!

From the bottom of valley, I kept walking uphill, passed Gruensee, and I arrived at Riffelalp station.
On my way to the station, I was stopped by many hikers asking for directions. I must have had an air of "seasoned traveller" about me.

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