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New Zealand / 2005
To New Zealand

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Japan to New Zealand

'A return air ticket to Christchurch from Japan costs 69,000yen.'
I couldn't help myself! Look at this price!! I found this great information on an Air New Zealand websit .It was very reasonable. I had lots of free time because I'd quit my job and just moved to Aomori city. I got the ticket on the Internet so quickly. And I also arranged local tours, a domestic airline ticket in NZ and accommodation by my self even though I was no good at speaking English.... I could arrange all of them over the Internet in Aomori, which is a local prefecture in Japan. The Internet is so wonderful!

Kansai International Airport to Christchurch via Auckland
I was supposed to have a direct flight to Christchurch. But the flight course from Kansai Airport to Christchurch was changed to via Auckland. So I had to spend lots of times in Auckland, more than I'd thought I needed to make a conecting flight in Christchurch. It was a good thing that I had planed some extra time in my schedule in Christchurch Airport.

center: In-flight service. A paper cup printed with All Blacks.
right: A phone card.

The flight to Queenstown from Christchurch
I left Christchurch Airport about 2 hours and half behind schedule due to bad weather. Queenstown is located in the South Island of New Zealand. There were lots of The Lord of The Rings movies filming sites. That was one of the reasons I stayed there. I really enjoyed taking in the views of the filming sites.
left, center: The view from the window. I flew over the Southem Alps.

Lake Wakatipu and the veiw from my accommodation in Queenstown
I stayed at a B&B on the lakefront. I thought that it would be hard to stay in a share room on the first day.... But the B&B cost NZ$120. It was very expensive! I had never stayed at such an expensive place before. When I stayed at a hotel in Osaka on the way to New Zealand, it cost 5000yen(about NZ$60)....

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