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New Zealand / 2005
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The Deer Park

Lots of memorable scenes in The Two Towers(LOR) were filmed just 20 minutes away from Queenstown, in a place called The Deer Park.

Mini-bus tour
I joined a mni-bus tour and I was picked up at my accommodation. It cost NZ$49. I was not sure whether it was expensive or not.
left: You can see that it was near the center of Queenstown.
center: An English-language brochure.
right: A guide and a mini-tour bus.

There were quite a lots of sheep roaming the hills. The following picture might seem similar to a scene from The Lord of the Rings. We constantly stopped to take lots of photos in many different locations.

There were various animals, sheep, goats, llamas, bisons, and donkeys...I couldn't remember all of the names. Along the way up to the top you can see those animals. And the tour guide had a tin of animal food and we could feed them. We spent quite some time feeding animals. All of the animals knew that people gave them lots of food so they ran after us with persistence. I saw a few cars surrounded by a crowd of animals get stuck.

The Remarkables mountain range from the top of the Deer Heights
The Remarkables are near Queenstown. Lots of the views around there were used in The Lord of The Rings films.
left: The summit of the mountain. The Remarkables on my left side and Queenstown on my right side.
center, right: Overlooking Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown.

Filming Site
Spot where the Rohan refugees were making their way round this small pond, with the mountains in the background. It looked like a bigger pond in the movie but it was actually quite small. (More Images ...)

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