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New Zealand / 2005
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Horse Riding

I booked a horse riding tour, which was a dart Stables Half Day Tour. But the tour is not run if there are less than 2 bookings. Fortunately, I could try horse riding two days later.

Isengard&Lothlorien Forest(Around Glenorchy and Paradise)
I went horse riding at a place called 'Paradise' near Glenorchy. It cost NZ$145 per person(Including pick-up from Queenstown). Paradise was the location site of Isengard and Lothlorien.

The other people were a middle-aged couple, two girls who looked like sisters, a man and a student from Korea. The Korean boy and I were only just beginners. Horse riding in Asian countries is not as big as in Western countries.... Each of us were given a horse depending on our experience. My horse was called 'Ginger'. I heard that he was old and peaceful. But it was not correct....

Riding in Paradise
We spent about 2 hours walking up and down the forest. One of the staff members led us and the other staff member walked at the end of the line.

We were supposed to walk calmly in line. But I couldn't. My horse, Ginger, was always out of my control! He looked like he hated the mud and he always stopped before the mud. I made him continue ahead and he suddenly rushed through the mud!! In the forest, the other horses walked up the dirt road in line at even intervals. But Ginger stopped walking until the horse which was in front of him had walked away and then he suddenly rushed up the mud slope!!! And he suddenly took a shortcut and rush up and down the mud slope!!!! In addition, he was very timid. When the other horses came up to him he would suddenly rear up! I thought I was going to die at that time!!!!

The staff talked about the location sites. But I couldn't catch them. Because I was just looking at the bottom of the horse who was walking in front of me!

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