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New Zealand / 2005
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Waipara Wine Tours

I had a good time so I joined a Waipara Wine tours in Christchurch. It cost NZ$85, including lunch and pick up from my accommodation. It was priced lower than Queenstown and it was a great price. The brochure said I would have between 20 and 30 kinds of wine samples. I wondered if I could catch a right bus to my accomodation.... Because I had to get on a bus to my accomodation from the city center. I was afraid of getting lost on the way back!

Vin de Pays 'Wine Tours'
I got on a tour van in front of Christchurch Visitor Center. There were 3 people, including me, on the day. The two other people were tourists from America.

Pegasus Bay Winery
The first was Pagasus Bay Winery which had a restaurant. I drank about 5 kinds of wine. Red wine, white wine, etc and had an open sandwich and onion gratin soup for lunch. These wines were absolutely delicious and lunch was really nice. Good wine and tasty food...this was heaven!

Canterbury House Winery Restaurant
The second winery. I enjoyed free samples. I found that the taste of delicious white wine was similar to delicious Japanese sake! I'd never thought about it because I drank more red wine than white wine in Japan so I hadn't drank much white wine before. It was a bit of a surprise.
center: The pot on the left is a spittoon. If you don't drink your wine you can dump it here.

(probably...)Torlesse Wines
We saw a sign displayed on the door. It said 'I am in my vineyard now. If you want wine tasting, please look for me!!' So we had to wait for the owner for a while in front of the door.... I bought a bottle of wine, which was high in price. Because the owner was nice-looking! If he had asked me to grow grapes with him I would have stayed there!!!

Waipara Springs Wines
We went to an olive plant before visiting Waipara springs Wines. I'd never seen oil pressing before. I tasted olive oil with some pieces of bread there. The oil had a healthy green color and a fresh aroma!

He was a tour guide and a driver. I told him that I was from Japan and he asked me, "Are you from Shikoku, Japan?". Shikoku is the local region in Japan, where I'm from, I'd never met any people in other countries who knew Shikoku before. Most people asked me, "From Tokyo?" which is the capital city. ...I haven't visited Tokyo!!

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