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New Zealand / 2005
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The Skyline Complex
A return ticket was NZ$18. It was about a 15 minute walk from the city center. You can see the gondola from anywhere in the town, and so it's easy to get there. The view from the gondola station on the top of the hill was wonderful.
left: you can enjoy a panoramic view of Queenstown. I felt anew that Queenstown was quite small.
center: The backdrop of Queenstwon were The Remarkables.
right: The mountains on the other side of the lake look so beautiful! There were the same mountains which were in the view from my room window.

I felt like the air was clean here but it was terribly cold! I wore heavy clothes against the horrible cold.
left: A perfect protection against the cold. I wore layers of clothes, a Haramaki(a kind of Japanese underwears, belly-warmer tie), two long-sleeved shirts, a fleece jacket...and a few disposable pocket warmers.

Bungy Jump Station
I heard that the challengers have to jump into the daunting rocky strech and so the last-minute cancellation rate is a lot higher than other jumping spots! I don't understand why people try bungee jumping. I wouldn't try bungee jumping even if you paid me!!

Kiwi & Birdlife Park
It was close to The Skyline Complex. It cost NZ$23. I thought it was expensive at first but it was better than I thought. Unexpectedly it was quite interesting to see live kiwis. I saw some kiwis, which are the national bird of New Zealand. But they were in the dark as they are nocturnal birds. I couldn't take any pictures because taking pictures wasn't allowed. Depending on what time you visit, you can see the show about keas, which are a New Zealand parrot.

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