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New Zealand / 2005
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Littelton is a port town located right beside the city of Christchurch and it is on the north shore of Lyttelton Harbour on Banks Peninsula. It is about 12 km by road from Christchurch.


left: You can walk to all the sights.
center: There was Lyttelton Information Center, which was quite small, near the bus stop. There were information centers for tourists everywhere in New Zealand. New Zealand was a tourist-friendly country!
right: The view of Lyttelton Harbour from the hill.

The face of the street
I thought this was the main street.
right: There were lots of houses on the hillside and slope.

Lyttelton Timeball Station
The dropping of the timeball singalled Greenwich time to ships in the harbour daily from 1876-1934. It was necessary for communication between ships and shore at the time. But it was under repair so I didn't visit there....

Irish pub
I went to an Irish pub for a drink. There was a logo of kilkenny beer on the glass but the contents were Guinness!

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