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New Zealand / 2005
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Coronet Peak

I had so much time in Queenstown and I decided to go skiing on a whim. So I had to rent everything from a ski suit to snow goggles.I should have brought at least my own ski gloves.... It was kind of a waste money! There are two ski areas near Queenstown. One is Coronet Peak Ski Area, which is located about 30 minutes drive from the city center, and the other is Remarkables Ski Area, which is about a 50-minute drive from the city. But Remarkables was not yet open for business and only Coronet Peak was open at that time. It was regrettable because i wanted to try both ski areas.

I walked around downtown to look for the same ski model, Salomon's 130cm short ski, which I use in Japan. Because it was the first time I was going skiing in half a year and I was afraid that I might get hurt. if I used unfamiliar skis and got hurt, it would be a bit of a problem! I rented a ski suit, skis, boots, snow goggles and ski gloves. And I bought ticket for two days lift use and a shuttle bus. The total was NZ$304.

Coronet Peak
There were a few free shuttle services between downtown to Coronet Peak. I got on a shuttle next door to my accommodation at 8:05, in a ski suit with skis in my right hand and boots in the other hand. I'd never gone skiing in such a casual style in Japan. The shuttle picked other skiers up on the way to Coronet Peak. I arrived there at 8:45. If you go there by your own car, it would be less than 30 minutes.
left: Coronet Peak is one of the popular ski areas near Queenstown.
center: Unfortunately, there was no Japanese flag....
right: Bus terminal in front of the ski slope. If you visit there with your own car, you have to park at the other car park.

left: Guest services. You can exchange your tag, which you get at a rental ski shop in a downtown area, for a ticket.
right: Storage. Very good system, 'Storage'. It cost NZ$4. I think that it would be convenient to have such a system in Japan! You can keep your shoes, extra clothes and bags there and take your belongings out anytime. It's a better system than coin-operated lockers.

left:A Trail Map.
center:A view from the Meadows Chair Lift on the way up. Lots of people were standing in line at the Magic Carpet Lift, which is like an escalator without stairs. It looked like moving walkways we sometimes see in an airport.
right: A ski slope along the Meadows Chair Lift.

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