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New Zealand / 2005
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Peregrine Winery
The second one. It was surrounded by a vineyard. But it was the wrong time of the year for visiting there. There were just lots of stems.... The wine storage was inside the concrete building and it looked like a modern winery. By the way, I was surprised to see other people in the tour buying lots of wine there. They looked like heavy packs. I didn't want to bring such a weighty bags back to Japan....

Chard Farm
The third one. There was also a restaurant inside the winery. There was a group of middle-aged women drinking very much. I wondered who would drive home. I heard that in New Zealand it is OK to drive after up to two mugs of beer. ...Really? If it is true, how about wine?
right: He is a guide and a driver. He looked a bit like Robert De Niro....

Amisfield Cellars at lake Hayes
There were lots of groups who had a tasting there. It was painful for the drivers because they couldn't drink much. I really enjoyed tasting and I was quite drunk. I'm so sorry for the drivers!

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