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New Zealand / 2005
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Canterbury Beer Brewery

I joined a beer brewery tour which I'd booked at the information center in Christchurch. The beer brewery which was called 'Canterbury beer brewery' was near Hagray high school. It was 20 minutes walk away from the city center. You can find it easily because it has a big red sign which says CD. It cost NZ$12 and included a factory tour and some beer tasting. After a plant tour like a social studys field trip, we could drink some fresh beer!!

I heard that the brewery sometimes had more than 30 people a day! But there were only 3 people, including me, on the day. One of them was a man from England and the other person was a New Zealander.

You can learn about Cantbury beer history and you can see beer brewing, the bottling line and the packing process. It was about a hour tour and I couldn't wait for the beer tasting!

This was a bar counter and you can enjoy free samples. I could try 4 kinds of beer but the glass was a little bit small.... I really enjoyed them and I drank up. I was the only person who asked for another serving! The two guys didn't drink up. Because they came by their own car. 'What's a waste!' It seemed a shame!! Why didn't they come here on foot! By the way, I had a lot of beer and staggered home....

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