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New Zealand / 2005
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Wine Trail Tour / Gibbston Valley

I asked the hotel staff to book the tour and I joined a half-day wine trail tour to visit Gibbston Vally at a cost of NZ$85 per person.

Gibbston Vally was in the area near Queenstown and it took one hour to get there. I visited 4 winerys by the tour van and I had several tastes of wine at each winery. Each sample was only a little but the total amount was quite a bit! I got very drunk....

Gibbston Valley Winery
The first winery I visited. A guide took us on about a 30-minute tour of the winery and wine cave. We had some tastings in the cave.

left: The wine cave. There were lots of wine barrels which were lined up against the rocky wall.
right: I really wanted to bring one barrel back to Japan. "How long does it take to drink the whole barrel???"

The restaurant which was inside the winery. I ordered pasta and it tasted great.

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