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New Zealand / 2005
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NOMAD SAFARIS 'Safari of the Rings tour'

This tour was the largest event in Queenstown for me. You can book it in Japan via the Internet but I made a reservation for this tour in Queenstown. Because I really wanted to join this on a beautiful sunny day! Incidentally, I really recommend that people who will have a short stay to book in advance. The tour looked quite busy. NOMAD SAFARI had two types of Rings tours. One was "Trip A" which was we could go around Queenstown and the other was "Trip B" which was we could see the sights of Glenorchy. Each one was NZ$130 but I booked both tours at once and so I could take a little discount.

"Trip A" / Wakatipu Basin
I made up my mind to join two tours on the same day because the staff told me that if you miss today you couldn't have such a fine weather for a while. I trusted him. On the day, the staff picked me up at the door of my accommodation at 8:30 and we started touring.

Filming Site
The spot of "Ithelian Camp". "Ithelian Camp" is the place where Frodo and Sam watched marching opponent armies, with a few strange animals like elephants. It was an exciting scene in the film so it was my favorite. But the fact was the place looked like an ordinary riverside. I was really surprised at the power of computer graphics. (Morel Images ...)

Filming Site
The spot of "Amon Hen". In the first movie Frodo left Aragorn here and started out alone. (More Images ...)

On the road to Coronet Peak Ski Area
I heard that this scenery had been used in a scene from the films. But I couldn't tell which scene it had been included in because it was just a part of computer-generated picture. It didn't look anything like the film. After all, lots of things were all computer graphics.
right: The small lake in the middle of the picture was Lake Wakatipu.

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