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New Zealand / 2005
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Doubtful Sound Boat Cruise Tour

Doubtful Sound is a very popular sightseeing spot for tourists in New Zealand. It is the second largest of the 14 fiords in Fiordland National Park. Milford sound is better known than Doubtful Sound. I thought that the itinerary of the Doubtful Sound tour was a better sightseeing program than Milford Sound because I don't like vehicles without lavatorys. So I booked the Doubtful Sound Cruise Tour, which was operated by Real Journeys.

The itinerary of Milford Sound
5 hour drive from Queenstwon to Milford Sound, an hour and a half Milford Sound cruise and a 5 hour drive back to Queenstwon.
The itinerary of Doubtful Sound
3 hour drive from Queenstown to Doubtful Sound, an hour Lake Manapori cruise, an hour bus drive, 3 hour Doubtful Sound cruise, an hour bus drive, an hour Lake Manapori cruise and a 3 hour drive back to Queenstown.

Doubtful Sound Boat Cruise Tour
I was picked up at my accomodation by a taxi, which had been arranged by Doubtful Sound Boat Cruise Tour, at 6:50 in the morning and went to the office of Real Journeys in the city center. There were lots of tour buses there and I got on the bus following the staff's instructions. The bus was 80% full and it looked like the tour was popular even though it was wintertime and it wasn't tourist season.

Two hours later, I was dropped off by the bus and only I had to change buses to go to Doubtful Sound. Because the first bus was to Milford Sound and I was the only person who was going to Doubtful Sound in the first bus. The other people's destination was Milford Sound! I became increasingly worried than I might be the only person on the Doubtful Sound cruise....

Lake Manapori
After a 30 minute drive on the bus I arrived at Manapori. I had been worried that there might be nobody there to board the ship. But there were lots of people who came there by their own cars. I handed the ticket over at the counter of Real Journeys and I boarded a cruise ship.
left: A cruise ship that goes across Lake Manapori.
right: There was a small refreshment shop on board. I bought a big cookie but I couldn't finish it.... You can drink free coffee and tea there.

Big fans
The man on the right side was a fan of the English rugby team. I saw lots of people in the same jacket there. Of course, I saw many jackets like them in Queenstown. I heard that there was a big rugby game in New Zealand. It was amazing how they came this far from England to watch a ragby game!

Beautiful scenery
The cruise ship went across the lake from east to west. The weather was nice but it was quite cold.

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