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Japan to Finland

Levi Ski Resort(1)
Reindeer farm
Husky park
Levi Ski Resort(2)
Hotel & town
- Hotel,Pub
- Restaurant
- TV & newpaper
- Experiment(?)
- Wine shop

Hotel & town
Santa Claus Village
Ounasvaara hill
Town & Restaurant
Moi Moi Tour
Husky park

- Finnish Forest
- Joulutortu
- Horse riding
- Sauna
- Wine shop

- Tamppeliaukio
- Sibelius Park
- Helsinki city
- Old Market Hall
- Uspenski cathedral

Finland to Japan



If you are Japanese, especially if you are 30 years of age or over, you might want to try it! I tried to freeze a banana and use it to drive a nail to something. This was what I had always wanted to do since my childhood.

I placed a banana, which I'd bought at a supermarket for this purpose, in an outdoor location in the evening. 10 hours later, I went to see the banana. But it was not frozen yet and the fresh yellow banana turned brown. Additionally, it became mushy.... So I left it outside.

6 hours later, I went to see it again...the banana was biten by an animal and there were big teeth marks! As you can see, I ended up as a complete failure.

For your information, I'll tell you about this experiment. About 25 years ago, a commercial for an engine-oil was broadcasted on Japanese TV. The engine-oil featured that it was tolerant of temperature changes. The commercial told that you can drive a nail in with a banana in -40 degrees Celsius and there was a scene with someone driving a nail with a banana. The engine-oil immediately became popular when it was aired on TV. Because it had such a strong impact, most Japanese since then feel tempted to try it when they go to a cold place!

Levi is a world famous place for the FIS World Cup. I heard that it was the most popular ski resort in Finland. There were lots of holiday houses and there were several holiday apartments under construction. It seemed like Levi was getting more and more popular.

How long do people stay in Levi? They stay there long enough so they want to get their hair cut?

Snowmobile rental company
There were many snowmobile in front of the company. It was a curious sight to Japanese. I wondered where they were going with the rental snowmobile?

Big gift box at the junction of the roads
What was in the box!?

Good place to see the northern lights
Levi was a small town and there were not so many lights. So, there were good places to see the northern lights within a short walk from the center. If you are lucky, you may see the northern lights. Unfortunately, I couldn't see the northen lights in Levi because it snowed the whole time during my stay....

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