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Japan to Finland

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Finland to Japan



Excursion on the husky park
I've been looking forward to this tour for a long time. I joined a husky safari wtih Lapland Safaris Ltd. It was a 2-hour excursion and it cost 99 euro per person. The tour van took me to a famous husky park.

The husky park was in the forest and there were lots of sled dogs on the snow. They were really excited and most of them looked like huskies.

It looked like an unmotivated husky dog...?

We learned about their husky park, a dog sled race and the life of sled dogs. I heard that the dogs always pulled the sled more than 10 kilometers every day as part of their training. In the dog races, they run several hundreds kilometers and sometimes they travel more than a thousand kilometers within several days. The longest dog race in the world travels over 1800 kilometers and they run for a couple of weeks!

The distance between me and the dogs showed that I was nervous. The dogs were really excited, because they knew that we would ride on the sled in a minute. They looked like they really wanted to pull the sled.

They also had some wolfdogs. The appearance of these wolfdogs, really looked like Siberian Huskys at first glance, but their faces were much wider than husky dogs. If they walked around a town without a leash, it would be pretty scary!

There were lots of cute puppies and they also stayed outside. Where did they sleep at night...? My family has a medium-size dog, which is Shiba dog and it is one of the Japanese native breeds. Even though my family live in a warm-temperature part of Japan, they always keep the dog inside their house at night. In winter, they give the dog a heating pad!!

Lappish teepee
After learning about the sled dogs, we waited for our turn in this traditional building.

There was a fire place in the center of the building so it was warm and cozy. The building was small but a nice place with friendly dtaff. There were lots of newspaper clippings about dog races on the wall. According to the clippings, it seemed like this husky park usually performed brilliantly in dog races.

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