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Japan to Finland

Levi Ski Resort(1)
Reindeer farm
Husky park
Levi Ski Resort(2)
Hotel & town
- Hotel,Pub
- Restaurant
- TV & newpaper
- Experiment(?)
- Wine shop

Hotel & town
Santa Claus Village
Ounasvaara hill
Town & Restaurant
Moi Moi Tour
Husky park

- Finnish Forest
- Joulutortu
- Horse riding
- Sauna
- Wine shop

- Tamppeliaukio
- Sibelius Park
- Helsinki city
- Old Market Hall
- Uspenski cathedral

Finland to Japan



On the last day in Helsinki, I got up early and I checked out of the hostel. My flight back to Japan was at 17:20. So I used a luggage locker at the station again and I spent time sightseeing around downtown. At first I headed for the Uspenski cathedral, which was one of the biggest landmarks in Helsinki. It was on the top of the hill near my accommodation and I walked to the church.

Uspenski cathedral
Was the largest Russian Orthodox church in the Northern Europe. The appearance wasn't colorful but it was a massive architecture with dark red bricks.

The inside of the building was full of mystic beauty and it was so wonderful. I really recommend you to take a look inside.

There were lots of beautiful pictures inside of the church. If I knew much about Christianamity, I could have understood more about the pictures.

Department store
All information boards were written in multiple languages, Finnish, Swedish and English.

The left was written in Finnish, the center was probably in Swedish, the right was in English. I was really happy that I could read the English information....

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