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Finland to Japan



Levi Ski Resort
Levi Ski Resort was on Mt.Levi. There were 3 main slopes and there were free shuttle services between each main slopes. It looked like a huge ski resort. I heard that it was the only ski resort that had a gondola in Finland. But, most of the lifts were T-bar lifts or J-bar lifts and it seemed a little painful for snowboarders.

The nearest main slope from my accommodation. There was a new 6-chair-lift, which was put in a few months ago and there was a new gondola-lift under construction. The gondola was right next to the 6-chair-lift, and it was shorter than the 6-chair-lift. It was only about 400m! I really didn't understand why such a short gondola was building there!

Snow gears rental shop
It looked quite new and there was a lot of ski gear. It looked like a lot of snowboard gear, just as much as the ski gear, but I didn't see so many snowboarders. I wondered if skiing was more popular in Finland?

You have to fill out a rental form with details about your personal information and your ski level, etc. It was printed in 2 languages, Finnish and English, but it was too much of a bother. Of course, your ID is required. I didn't have any ID except my passport and I used it to rent skis. So I had to go skiing with my passport in my pocket. I didn't feel comfortable skiing with my valuables!

If you want to do it, you can fill out a rental form with these "Easy Rent Check-in System". There were many languages input modes, German, English, French, Italian, Spanish(?), Dutch and Finnish. Unfortunately, you can't type in Japanese....

When I rented my ski gear, I asked the counter attendant if there were any cloakrooms. She said, "You can keep it aroudn here somewhere." Actually, there was no baggage lockers so everybody was keeping their belongings under the benches! What would happen if it became more crowded with people during peak season...?

This slope was open at 10a.m. till 8p.m. Although it was before 11a.m. , there were lots of floodlights and it looked like a night slope. At this time of year, it seemed the sun rised after 11a.m. and it went down before 1p.m. The daylight hours was less than 2 hours. Additionally, I heard it would be a polar night, which was called "Kaamos" in Finnish, around this area from mid-December....

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