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Japan to Finland

Levi Ski Resort(1)
Reindeer farm
Husky park
Levi Ski Resort(2)
Hotel & town
- Hotel,Pub
- Restaurant
- TV & newpaper
- Experiment(?)
- Wine shop

Hotel & town
Santa Claus Village
Ounasvaara hill
Town & Restaurant
Moi Moi Tour
Husky park

- Finnish Forest
- Joulutortu
- Horse riding
- Sauna
- Wine shop

- Tamppeliaukio
- Sibelius Park
- Helsinki city
- Old Market Hall
- Uspenski cathedral

Finland to Japan



Speaking of Finland, I thought the best food was salmon. It was excellent!!

Sauna cottage
I took a Finnish wooden sauna, which was right next to the lake. My host father made a fire in a sauna stove and it took a long time to heat up the room. This type of Finnish sauna looked like it took a lot of trouble with the preparation. So, I heard that they didn't use it frequently and usually they took an electric type sauna in the bathroom.

I went into the cottage, there were chairs there. That was a place to take off my clothes and to rest.

My host father gave me a bottle of beer and I took a sauna with it. The beer's taste while taking a sauna was excellent. The only problem was drinking one bottle was not enough for taking a sauna.... However it was the best beer on the trip!

Inside, this sauna looked similar to a sauna which I'd taken at the hotel in Levi. There was a wood bench and bucket of water with a scoop. But the stove wasn't an electric stove but a wooden stove. By the way, the sauna had a window facing the lake and it gave me an uncomfortable feeling....

Memorable food
I didn't remember the name but it was like a gratin with macaroni, milk and minced meat. Because it looked really delicious, I forgot to take its picture before eating! Dear Riina, you told me the recipe and I tried it. But it was watery and it tasted strange. In short, I made a little mess of it. I wonder why....

center, right:
One morning, Isto warmed something like a big brown bun and he sliced it with a happy look. Surprisingly, the bun had a strange filling...it was jammed wiht small fish! I forgot to take its picture because of its strong appearance!! I heard that it was a fish-stuffed bread called "kalakukko" and it was a very popular local food in Finland. For your information, the fish filling was seasoned with salt and Kalakukko wasn't so bad on the whole. But, actually, I couldn't understand why Finnish stuffed the bun with fish at all!! I thought it was one of the seven wonders of Finland!

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