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Finland to Japan



Excursion to the reindeer farm
I joined a 2-hour reindeer farm tour, with Lapland Safaris Ltd. I heard that there were more reindeers than people in Finland and a reindeer excursion was a very popular tourist attraction.

As soon as I entered the office to book the tour, I was received this Japanese brochure. I had only said "Hello"! How did they know I was Japanese!?

The tour cost 90 euro per person, including thermal clothes. You can rent thermal clothes like this to protect you against the cold before your deperture. The thermal clothes were quite large in size to keep the body warmth. It was more like a sleeping bag than clothes! I looked like a basket worm?

The farm indicated by a green arrow was located near the center of Levi indicated by a blue arrow, about a 30-minute drive from Levi. Everything I could see from the window was frozen up. The roads also absolutely froze up and it looked like it was very dangerous to drive!

Levin Lapinkyla
The reindeer farm was on a historically valuable Lapland village, Levin Lapinkyla. I heard that "kyla" means "village" in Finnish. There are several reindeer farms around Levi so which farm you are going to with Lapland safaris depends on the condition of that day.

People in red thermal clothes several sizes too big were members of the tour and people in blue clothes were tour guides.

Each sled was a one-reindeer sled.

Reindeer farmers were preparing reindeers to pull sleds for us.

I was sitting on a sled with a reindeer fur.
Reindeers started to drag our sleds and we ran through the woods in a line. The speed of the reindeer looked like a gallop and it wasn't too fast.

They kept running along a path in the forest without a care in the world. Because I was sitting on the sled, the thing which was right in front of my eyes was the bottom of the reindeer. My reindeer was a white one, so his soiled hole easily stood out.... The most memorable thing I saw during this safari was the bottom of my reindeer!

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