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New Zealand / 2005
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New Zealand fur seals
After a hour and a half cruise, we got to the entrance of Doubtful Sound. The sea was getting a little rough unlike the head of the fiord.
left: The mouth of the fiord. You can see Tasman Sea beyond the rocky stretch.
right: New Zealand fur seals.

England rugby team supporters
We turned back at the rocky stretch.

The doubtful mood
The weather turned bad, it looked like a mysterious atomosphere. It was gradually getting to match the image of the name, Doubtful Sound. I got the feeling that something would happen....

Manapouri Underground Power Station
After Doubtful Cruise we visited to the powe station. We went down a 2.1km spiral tunnel buried deep within the mountain. I felt like it was hard to breathe....
left: A model showing the power station in its entirety. The yellow part was the tunnel, which we had gone through.
right: The power station was built under the ground and it used the water of Lake Manapori to generate electricity.

The sunset at Lake Manapori
The sunset turned the whole sky a rosy color and it was lovely. We went across Lake manapori and returned to the port. I was picked up there by the tour bus, which had given me a lift in the morning. I heard that the weather was also fine around Milford Sound. I really had a good time!

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