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Germany to Japan



Was located on a hill in the old town. It was very close to Baden-Baden's main tourist attractions and it was a short walk to the shopping area. I like the hotel's location, though it was a serious hike to get back from the anywhere in the town!

left: My room. There is no a private bath but there is a wash basin in the room. The room rate, including breakfast and tax, is about 36 euro per night.
1 night per adult per person with shared bath
36 euro 4400 yen
currency exchange rates(08/11/23) 1 euro = 122 yen
center,right: There is free internet access in a lounge area and there is always a hotel cat sleeping.

The breakfast was a great buffet. Many choices of meats and cheeses, delicious yogurt and several kinds of German breads, and wonderful tea. It was my best breakfast during my trip.

The hotel is on the hill in the old town and most streets in the town were paved with stone. Coming to the hotel from the station by taxi was a good choice! The thought of walking uphill on such a stone path with my suitcase seemed really hard....

Rathaus(Town hall)
There was a Town hall across the street from my hotel. The small building looked very simple however detail of the coat of arms was nice.

There were several paths to the shopping area from my hotel and they were complicated like a maze.

I highly reccommend that you look back at the path which you have walked down. Otherwise, you may lose your way home, or you may take the long way round like me!!

As you can see, if you follow any pathways between buildings you can go down into the shopping streets. However, it is a bit hard to find the same path to the hotel.

I chacked-in at my accomodation and I went to look for a restaurant for lunch. It was a cold day and luckly I found a Chinese restaurant nearby.

I ordered fried rice and it tasted as good as it looked! Chinese food was great for anytime anyplace!

Today's first beer is "Riegeler Bier". It is one of the German beers but I'm not sure about it, because its official site is written only in German!

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