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Japan to Germany

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Germany to Japan



In the morning of the 3rd day, I headed to Regensburg by train.
By the way, a girl wearing a red jacket in the above pictures was a Korean and we had stayed at the shared room. She was the 6th Korean tourists I met on my German trip. I am pretty glad that I made friends with many Koreans.

Regensburg is located along the Danube river in Bavaria. The medieval appearance of the city is well-preserved and it is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site such as the old town of Bamberg.

Regensburg station is located about 10 minutes away from the city center. There are a bus stop and taxi stand in front of the station.
The places around the station looked like an ordinary town of Germany.

The main attraction of Regensburg is its well-preserved medieval city center with the cathedral and the stone bridge. The cathedral with high spires was founded from the 13th century and completed in the 17th century. It is a symbol of Regensburg and you can see its aerial spires from anywhere in the city.

Restaurant "Historische Wurstkuche"
Regensburg is very famous for a certain kind of sausage and this restaurant on the photo was my only reason why I visited Regensburg. It is the oldest sausage restaurant in Germany!!

The restaurant is just at the Steinerne Bruecke (Stone Bridge) , which was built in the 12th century and it is a historical restaurant.
It was used to be the restaurant for laborers involved in the construction of the bridge.

The restaurant is a popular tourist attraction and inside is less spacious. I think that it is little bit hard to have a table inside but there are picnic-style tables available outside. You can enjoy the local sausage specialties with the ambience of the Danube River.

The sausages are small but you can order it in groups of two depending on how hungry you are. The sausage is served with a basket of bread but you have to pay for per piece.
I ordered 6 sausages with beer. They tasted as excellent as it looked! The roasted sausages were crispy outside and tender in the middle!!

The beer was also nice!

The food was so good and I liked the ambience of the Danube River. But the temperature was under 5 degrees though it was a beautiful sunny day. It was too cold to enjoy my lunch sitting outside!

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