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Germany to Japan



Town Hall
Rothenburg Town Hall is in front of Marktplatz. It is different by its construction because it consists of two buildings: a white with the tower and a yellow facing Marktplatz.
The white part has the tower and it is one of major tourist attractions in Rothenburg. You can go up to the top of the tower through the main entrance of the yellow part with a nice Renaissance facade.

left: Marktplatz(the market square) is in the central part of the old town and it is the place where tourists gather to start sightseeing.
right: This street going to the south from Marktplatz is a main street.

Rothenburg still has the medieval town wall.

There are several staircases to the town wall and you can freely climb them. You can usually find stairs next to each gate and you can walk around the town walls at any time day and night. This makes Rothenburg so unique and attractive!

I started to walk the town wall from here.

At first, the pathway on the top of the wall is low.

You can see lots of long and thin windows to protect the town from attacks on the way.

As I walked along the wall, the path became higher and higher.

You can see red-tiled houses roofs, towers and low range of hills in the distance. I felt like I wandered into the medieval world. It was really interesting to just walk on the wall. If you see staircases going up to the top of the wall, I recommend you to climb them and walk around the town!

The preserved medieval town, Rothenburg, was bombed right before the end of the WarII and about 40 % of the town was lost. After the war the town was restored and rebuilt. The town wall was also lost and over 600m of the wall was destroyed. Rothenburg received donations for rebuilding from all over the world and the rebuilt walls featured plates with donor names.

There were various company's names and also many personal names.

It seemed that the figure showed how many meters was rebuilt by its donor name.

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