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Germany to Japan



I don't have lunch yet, so I went out to search for where to have lunch. Then, I saw similar types of food in every bakeries in the old town of Rothenburg. They were traditional desert of this region and they were called "Schneeballen".
It means "snowballs" in English. They were softball-size fried cake of sweet pie dough rolled up into a ball.
I ate just one with sugar. It was similar in texture with pastry tart and it was very crumbly. I needed some tricks to eat without dropping any particles and it leaves me sticky fingers. Schneeballen was really complex food to eat!

A typical Schneeballen(Snowballs) is dusted with powdered sugar, as its name suggested. But today there were many varieties including chocolate covered, dusted with cinnamon powder and dusted with powdered coconut(maybe), etc.... It looked like a doughnut shop.

Schneeballen is about 1.30euro each for the size on my picture. Some bakeries had smaller size of Schneeballen and if you want to try various flavor, I recommend smaller one's.

I wandered into a local wine shop. I sent three bottles of German wine to Japan for my sister's souvenir. it was more reasonable than I expected.

Marktplatz(Market Square)
Is the center of the old town of Rothenburg. Tourists start wandering from Marktplatz.

I strolled around the town for a while, but there were few people. I wondered if it's because it's too early to do Chrismas shopping...

Rothenburg is a town famous for having buildings with beautiful medieval facades. Everywhere is perfect to take pictures but cars parked in the streets and obstructed my shot!
right: Easy-to-understand street sign. You don't need to know German!

I had a local dish for dinner at my accommodation. It's a kind of pork stew served with homemade noodles and it tasted good.

Of course, I ate it with beer. All I have to do after drinking is to go upstairs, I feel quite comfortable drinking much beer.

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