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Germany to Japan



My hotel is located nearby the two famous spas in Baden-Baden, Friedrichsbad and Caracalla Therme. and the other spa was also nearby. The purpose of my visit to Baden-Baden was to take a hot spring bath.
Friedrichsbad is just next to my hotel and after you pass the building of Friedrichsbad you will see Caracalla Therme. It's only a few minutes walk.

Was one of the oldest and biggest spas in Baden-Baden. You don't need to bring towels and any stuff and everything is provided. However you are required to be completely nude there! It is totally naked!!
I heard that it was a spa with 16 steps, shower, high and low temperature steam bath, cool bath, and hot bath, etc and some of them were mixed bathes! I thought that it would give a unique experience of German hot spring, but the fact make me hesitate....Eventually, I refused this time!

Caracalla Therme
It looks more modern than the Friedichsbad. Swimsuit is required, unlike Friedichsbad.
There were several types of admission, 2 hours ticket, 3 hours ticket, 4 hours ticket and so on... Prices vary according to length you stay there. I chose 2 hours ticket because I was alone and too much time on my hands.

A tower in the middle of the picture is a big church and it is next to my hotel. As you can see, my hotel was very close to Caracalla Therme!

I couldn't take a camera inside the bathing area. These photos were provided from its postcards. The bathing area had a large varieties of inside pools and outdoor pools with different high temperatures. However the temperature is quite lower than typical hot springs in Japan.
There were tanning beds, a cafe and a Roman sauna upstairs. In Japanese sense, Caracalla Therme is like an amusement facility than a hot spring.
A special note in the Roman sauna. You are required to be completely nude there! I don't have the courage to go into such place alone!

I went to a restaurant for dinner on the way back to my hotel. The friendly waiter came and took my orders quite quickly.

The waiter recommended a local Christmas dish and I ordered it. It was a duck thigh and served along with big bowl of sweet pickled cabbage and home style noodles. I enjoyed a delicious dinner however it was too much!!

Today's second beer was "Rothaus Tannenzaepfle", a Pilsner-style beer. It is a local beer from Germany's Black Forest, it is a wooded mountain and it is the border between France and southwestern Germany. The Rothaus was an old-established brewery in the town of Rothaus in the Black Forest and it was one of the most successful regional breweries in Germany. I heard that it's beer become a surprise hit in pubs and restaurants around Germany. Just for the record, it is located above sea level, around 1000 meters and it was the highest brewery in Germany.

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