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Germany to Japan



Karl-Theodore-Brucke(Old Bridge)
Was one of the bridges over Neckar River. It was a beautiful arch bridge and it was one of the tourist spots in Heidelberg.
The bridge originally made up of wood. It was destroyed by floods and fire lots of times, so it was rebuilt with stone in 1788. Again during second World War it was destroyed and it was rebuilt once again. So it wasn't actually ancient.
center: Once again...I saw in my own eyes that the bridge is under construction!
right: The bridge was a great spot for taking pictures of Heidelberg. To take the best view, I recommend that you should go over the bridge and take pictures from the other side of the river. If it is a fine day, unlike me, you would take a great picture!

Heiliggeistkirche(Church of the Holy Ghost)
Was built from 1344 to 1441 and church's tower was completed in 1544.

Haus zum Ritter (Knight's house)
Was built in 1592 and it escaped war damage over and over. Today, it was used as a hotel and it was famous for its beautiful architectural facade.
right: But the building decorations were a bit creepy....

Heidelberg University
Was the oldest university in Germany and it was established in 1386! It is also one of the greatest universities in Germany and it is known university worldwide. Unlike most of Japanese universities, there wasn't college campus with the gate and a variety of departments was dotted the district. Apparently, the city itself seemed to be the university.

I saw lots of bookstores around the city. It was interesting that there were also several secondhand bookstores. Heidelberg was typical city for students.

Apparently, this is a university campus store.

It was freezing cold outside, so I drank German beer!! I ate a big sausage with beer for lunch. There was nothing better than cold beer after walking around various tourist attractions in the cold.

Today's beer was "Fuerstenberg", one of the popular German beers. It had malty flavor and it had a pleasant aftertaste.

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