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Germany to Japan



Four-cylinder BMW Tower, BMW Museum and BMW munich Plant
Speaking of Germany, I associate Germany with German beer, but my husband does it with German cars, as Porsche, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes. He loves German vehicles.
And each German car company has a big museum under the theme of its history and technology. Of them, Bayerische Motoren Werke'AG, which was commonly known as BMW, was a Bayern-based company for cars and motorbikes, and it had a museum in Munich.
I wasn't very interested in any of the cars but I had to visit there. Because I was supposed to come back with stories of my German travel for my husband, who was left alone to watch the house in Japan....
BMW museum was on the subway. So I had easy access to the museum form the city center. The nearest subway station was "Olympiazentrum(Olympiapark)". After getting out of the subway station, I caught sight of a big building with BMW's emblem on its top! The strange-shaped buildign with the big emblem looked like computer-generated art, and the sight was so cartoony, I laughed to my self.

The main attraction for visitors is the four-cylinder BMW Tower and BMW Museum. The building with the emblem was the headquarters of BMW, a bowl-shaped building next to it was the BMW museum and a building on the left was the BMW Munich Plant. For your information, a factory tour is available when reserved in advance.
The building, called "Four-cylinder BMW Tower", consisted of the shape of a four cylinder engine and it was very unique. The BMW museum was more unique than this. On its roof, there is a big BMW emblem! I highly recommend that you make sure of it on google earth!!

It said that the BMW museum was one of the most popular company museums in Germany. The inside of the bowl-shaped building was a temporary exhibition area. By the way, admission was 12 euro.

When I visited there, there were lots of concept cars from BMW. I heard that those concept cars were one of the most exciting exhibits in the entire museum and they were. However, I wasn't familiar with BMW and all I said was only that they were very nique in appearance and they quite distinctive-looking....

The low building connected to the bowl-shaped building provided a permanent exhibit. There were a wide range of exhibits covering the technical development of the BMW car and BMW motorcycles, as well as the history of BMW itself.

The museum had a wide variety of BMW cars on display. There were lots of visitors in the museum and they mostly took lots of pictures with a happy look. The happy on lookers were usually men!!

There were also lots of exhibits about BMW techonlogy. Different types of engines, design drawings and etc, were on display. If I was interested in such things, I'm sure that I would be a happy on looker too.
I spent nearly 2 hours in it. It means that the museum was quite huge!

I first saw these clay models. I had seen them before, when a designer on a commercial was designing the shape of a car. It was a full-scale model as I saw on the commercial and I felt that it was a little more interesting than the other exhibits.

Lots of motorbikes was displayed. However, they all looked alike.... I wasn't very interested in any of the motorbikes.

What impressed me most was that there were lots of staff members. They were all tall men smartly dressed in a suit and tie, and they were all just standing!!

BMW Welt(BMW World)
Was located across the street from the museum and it was the showroom. The showroom had a wide range of current models and it was interesting than the museum to me.

The building was built in 2007 and it was designed by a famous architect. The appearance of the building was very unique.

Inside of the BMW Welt. I heard that a BMW Welt tour is available when reserved in advance but it focuses on the architecture of the building itself.

If you want, you can pick up your new BMW at the customer delivery center. It said that lots of American visited the customer delivery center to pick up their own new BMW. And after picking their cars, they enjoyed to drive on the autobahn with a temporary plate number!

Olympiapark(Olympic Park)
The BMW Welt was next to the Olympic Park. The 20th Olympic Games were held there in 1972 and there were still big buildings , like a stadium, some halls and a tower.
right: The view of the BMW's buildings from the park. I'm sure you can imagine how huge the BMW Welt is.

Dinner for the second day
Was Japanese food "rolled sushi" to take away from a CHINESE restaurant. I felt that I already began to get tired of German food.... The ingredient of it was avocado. There isn't such as ingredient in Japan.

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