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Germany to Japan



I had another bad weather on the third day. I saw white smoke floated from the chimneys of houses from my room. The sky was gloomy and it seemed that it was very cold outside.

Nuernberg is a popular tourist city and the downtown is always busy. However if you enter a small alley in a residential area, there are lots of half-timbered buildings and you can stroll with a relaxed atmosphere.

Going down the hill from the castle to the west there was a small square called "Tiergaertnertorplatz". There were several half-timbered buildings and a massive city wall, which was a part of about 4km city wall surrounding the old city. Everything around there offered quite medieval atmosphere. It was the most impressive place I had ever seen in Nuernberg.

Albrecht Duerer was the 16th century German artist and he was known for his work as an engraver. His house faces onto the square and it has now become a tourist attraction. I didn't know much about him, but I heard that he was one of the greatest artists during the Renaissance period.

There are hare's sculptures on the square. I heard that hare was one of the his favorite animal motifs. That sculpture was a good representation for his works.

Schoener Brunnen (Beautiful Fountain)
Schoener Brunnen is located at the main square and it was a 14th century fountain. The fountain consists of 40 figures in a shape of a pyramid.

Frauenkirche(Churh of Our Lady)
The Church called "Churh of Our Lady" was built in the 14th century and it is also located on the main square. There is a mechanical clock on the building wall and it chimes at noon each day.

St. Lorenzkirche(St.Lorenz Chruch)
It was built from the 13th to 15th century and it is a great church with plenty of excellent sculptures on the facade.
right: It was very huge, so it was hard to take a picture of entire church. If you want to take a picture of whole the building, you have to step away to this positions!

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