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Germany to Japan



Was located right in the center of everything and it was a pedestrian only area in Munich. The most eye-catching building was this huge gothic building on the Marienplatz. It was Neues Rathaus(New Town Hall).
Although it was called "New Town Hall", it had been 100 years after construction! For your information, there is a pupular restaurant "Ratskeller" on the first basement. The restaurant has a spacious hall with gothic vaults and several smaller rooma, all of them have a great atmosphere.
right: The coat of arms of the city of Munich featured a picture of a young monk dressed in black holding a red book.

The New Town Hall has a 85-meters-high tower and there is a Glockenspiel on the facade of the tower. The Glockenspiel is a popular tourist attraction in Munich and almost all the tourists who visit Munich come to the Marienplatz to see it.
The Glockenspiel moves on the hour every hour and I visited the Marienplatz at 11 in the morning. It was already crowded with people who were waiting for the clock show! After watching the show, I was a little bit disappointed. I had expected more of the figures to move....

There was a small fountain right near the New Town Hall. It was called Fish Fountain and it'd been completely destroyed during World War II. It was rebuilt in 1954. I wasn't exactly sure why it was designed in the image of a fish....

A manhole cover in the city was really unique. The design included the same picture of a young monk as the coat of arm!

Anker Steinbaukasten(Anchor Stone Blocks)
Anker Steinbaukasten(English:Anchor Stone Blocks) are stone building blocks made in Germany.
A wonderful building made of Anchor Stone Blocks was displayed in a shop. It was made in a variety of shapes and it made in a few colors.
It can be used to imitate many architectural building, such as this gothic New Town Hall, and it is like super-deluxe Lego!

When I visited the Marienplatz, I happened to meet a familiar face. She was Cho-san("-san" is one of the Japanese honorifics), a young Korean girl who slept in the same female shared room. When we had a small talk on the Marienplatz, a friendly local man talked to us. Norbert, he said that he would show us around the main attractions of the town and of course we accepted the kind offer! Even more surprisingly, the kind man spoke English and Korean fluently and he was very familiar with Japan!

Asamkirche(Asam Church)
I heard that the Asam Church was one of the most great achievements in Munich and it was famous for its great Baroque architectre. The altar was full of golden decorations and everything of the church was decorated by wonderful paintings and gold trim.

It was a small church, but inside of it, it was packed with intricated decorations and excellent sculptures.
It is definitely one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen.

Statue of Maximilian Joseph with National Theater in the back of Max-Joseph-Platz
He was the first king of Bayern and the theater is one of the most famous opera houses in Germany.

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