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Japan to Germany

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Germany to Japan



When I woke up in the morning, the roofs were covered with snow. No wonder I was really freezing.
center,right: A town map of Wuerzburg. Incidentally, the man dressed in red was Philip Franz von Siebold, who was a German physician and he was the first European to teach Western medicine in Japan.

Looking up at Marienberg Fortress
After I got the towm map from the information center, I headed to the Marienberg Fortress. On the map there were two well-marked paths leading to the fortress. Both paths began from the west end of the Old Main Bridge.

On the west end of the bridge there was a signboard with arrows showing two different ways to walk up to the fortress.
One of the arrows said "It takes about 20 minutes." and the other said "It takes about 40 minutes." I heard that the longer route was going through the beautiful vineyards on the slope below the fortress and it gave great views from various levels. It was winter so there were just lots of stems, of course I chose the short one! It was the wrong time of the year for visiting vineyards.

The short route was going through buildings and it went up a hill through the snow covered park.

When I finally arrived at the first gate of the castle, I got exhausted.

I walked and walked, but still I'm far from the castle.

Finally, I reached into the courtyard and I was relieved.

But there was another gate!! I wasn't sure how many gates I had gone through on its property....

There is a beautiful church and a big round towers in the courtyard.

You can get inside the tower, but you can't go up. There wasn't any scale and staircases.

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